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Photo/graphic credit: RWC Photography / on Instagram
CS Saint-Laurent in preliminary expansion talks with the Canadian Premier League

At one point, it had to happen.

After over 5 years of Canadian Premier League action, there's still no team in the province of Québec.

Fans have been begging for one, especially the people of La Belle Province. One of the best regions for soccer in the country, it has a huge community of footy supporters, great players, great cities, etc... It's simply the perfect place to have a pro team in. Even with all of this, we've yet to get one, or even hear rumours.

This could finally change soon.

Josh Healey of Wanderers Notebook reports that Ligue1 Québec champions CS Saint-Laurent have entered preliminary expansions talks with the Canadian Premier League. TrueNorthFoot is able to confirm that this is indeed the case.

Multiple investors have been knocking on the club's doors over the past few weeks.

The league – when asked for comment – told us that it 'will not be commenting on any ongoing discussions as it relates to potential league expansion at this time.'

“We are proud of the success of our League1 clubs across Canada and welcome the possibility of any such organization joining the Canadian Premier League in future. As with any expansion discussion, our priority is finding the right conditions for an organization to be successful, including but not limited to a passionate fan base, committed ownership group and stadium solution.” said Laura Armstrong, Senior Director of Communications, Canadian Premier League.

CS Saint-Laurent players celebrating after knocking the HFX Wanderers out of the Canadian Championship (Photo credit: Trevor MacMillan/HFX Wanderers FC)

CS Saint-Laurent garnered attention around the country after knocking professional side HFX Wanderers out of the Voyageurs Cup in the preliminary round earlier this month.

Just a few days later, they played MLS side Toronto FC in front of over 6,000 fans, producing one of the best atmospheres you'll see at the club level in Canada (while those are the official numbers posted, there's rumours of some fans entering the stadium without tickets. It definitely felt like more than 8,000 there).

Their performances on and off the pitch were not only felt by fans, but by potential investors as well.

6,482, the official attendance number at the Complexe sportif Claude-Robillard (Photo credit: RWC Photography / on Instagram)

About CS Saint-Laurent...
Club de soccer Saint-Laurent, or as they like to call it there, "Saint-Lau", is a semi-professional side competing in Ligue1 Québec, the 3rd tier of the Canadian soccer pyramid.

They play out of the borough of Saint-Laurent, located a 30-minute drive from professional outfit CF Montréal.

Founded in 1982, and only recently started playing in semi-pro (2022 their first year), they've already won 2 titles: The league title and the cup title, both last year.

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