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Photo/graphic credit: Canadian Trademarks Database (logo upscaled for clarity reasons)
'Halifax Tides FC', the name for the women's pro club in Halifax?

We may have the first leak for the professional women's club based in Halifax that will begin play in 2025.

User 'joshflag' found the image and the name stored in the Canadian Trademarks Database under the applicant 'Atlantic Women's FC Limited', which is the placeholder name for the team.

The name? Halifax Tides FC.

If you look up 'Atlantic Women's FC Limited' in the search bar on, you will find this.

The logo, while revealed, is yet to show its true colours (literally), as images in the Canadian Trademarks Database are always shown in black & white.

We'll have to wait a bit more to know the team's colours, though it should be worth mentioning that the placeholder site has the colours purple & teal, similar to Pacific FC.

The placeholder crest & name for the Halifax women's pro club.
Photo credit:

The club, which was officially announced as the 4th team in the new Project 8 women's pro league just a few days ago, said that the official branding of the club will be unveiled in the near future.

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