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Photo/graphic credit: AFTN Canada / Frog Photography
Northern Tribune: TSS Rovers the frontrunners to replace Victoria Highlanders in Canadian Championship

With the news that the Victoria Highlanders are ceasing all operations in League1 BC, it means that their spot in the 2024 Canadian Championship is now vacant.

The Highlanders were supposed to face fellow Victoria club Pacific FC at Starlight Stadium on May 1st, but that's no longer happening.

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So... Who's replacing them?

There were a lot of options being discussed by fans on Canadian soccer forums, such as giving Pacific a pass to the quarter-finals, the Victoria Highlanders fielding a team just for that match, etc...

After some hours of speculation, it looks like we may have an answer.

According to Northern Tribune, the TSS Rovers – club that participated in the last edition and also finished 2nd behind the Highlanders that same year – are the frontrunners to take the League1 BC spot and face Pacific at Starlight Stadium next month.

Manny Aparicio of Pacific FC and Matteo Polisi of TSS Rovers fighting for the ball in a Canadian Championship match on May 10, 2023 (Photo credit: Sheldon Mack)
Photo credit: Sheldon Mack

It wouldn't be the Rovers' first time facing Pacific. In 2023, they faced the Tridents at Starlight Stadium (meaning it would be a rematch) and lost 2-0. Despite that, they showed they belong in the competition and that they can put up a great fight against any CPL side – and defeat them, as they did against Valour (3-1 win) in the preliminary round.

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