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The 4 CPL clubs to have lifted silverware

In the league's short history, only 4 of its 9 clubs have had the chance to call themselves champions.

With the 2024 season soon underway, 4 clubs will be looking to lift their first piece of silverware.

But who are the other clubs who've already been able to post the "CHAMPIONS!" graphic to their socials?

Forge FC – 5 titles

Kyle Bekker of Forge FC lifting the North Star Cup with his teammates after winning the 2023 CPL final on October 28, 2023 (Photo credit: David Chant)
Photo credit: David Chant /

Forge, the league's most successful club, has won an incredible 5 titles out of a possible 9, winning one every single year.

2019 CPL champions
Forge became #ForeverFirst after defeating arch-rivals Cavalry FC in their own ground. In what is still the only CPL final series to be played in 2 legs, the Hammers lifted the now-extinct North Star Shield in front of a few 100 fans in the away section. This was their first ever title, and the first one won by any club in the league.

2020 CPL champions
In the shortened CPL season (due to COVID-19), Forge went back-to-back and lifted its 2nd North Star Shield after defeating the HFX Wanderers 2-0 in the final.

2021 CPL regular season winners (retroactively awarded)
Forge finished top of the regular season table for the first time in it's then 3-year history, and while there was no official title awarded at the time for that, the CPL retroactively gave them and Cavalry titles for winning the regular season. Forge did not lift a trophy for this.

2022 CPL champions
Forge won its 3rd North Star Shield in the nation's capital after defeating Atlético Ottawa 2-0 in the final at TD Place. This marked their 4th official title.

2023 CPL champions
Once again facing Cavalry in the final, the Hammers came out victorious after an incredible extra-time period, where the game's 3 goals came in.

The game-winning goal? An olimpico from Tristan Borges in the 111th minute.

Cavalry FC – 2 titles

Marco Carducci of Cavalry FC lifting the CPL Shield with his teammates (Photo credit: CFC Media Mike Sturk)Photo credit: CFC Media Mike Sturk

Cavalry has won 2 titles: 1 in its first year, and one last year.

2019 CPL regular season winners (retroactively awarded)
Cavalry finished top of the table in 2019 by 6 points, earning them their first title in club history. Despite it technically being won before Forge's first, it was retroactively awarded in late 2022.

2023 CPL regular season winners
Cavalry broke a CPL record and finished 13 points atop the table (!). They secured the title with 3 games to go, and the players celebrated on the plane after finding out Pacific dropped points.

Pacific FC – 1 title

Jamar Dixon of Pacific FC lifts the North Star Shield at Tim Hortons Field on December 5, 2021 (Photo credit: David Chant)
Photo credit: David Chant /

To this day, Pacific remains the only club in the league to have won the play-offs other than Forge. Who did they beat? Forge, of course, and in their own ground.

2021 CPL champions
The Tridents defeated the Hammers in the final at Tim Hortons Field 1-0, and they lifted their first and only trophy to date: The North Star Shield.

Atlético Ottawa – 1 title

Atlético Ottawa players team picture in 2022 (Photo credit: Matt Zambonin/Freestyle Photography/CPL)
Photo credit: Matt Zambonin/Freestyle Photography/CPL

2022 CPL regular season champions
Atlético Ottawa secured its first and only title to date after finishing top of the table in 2022. The craziest thing about this? They finished dead last the year before. Talk about going from worse to first.

Unfortunately, the team was never able to properly lift the trophy, as the CPL Shield didn't exist back then. Thankfully, they did receive it a few days ago, and it was showcased in a season-ticket holders event.


That's all, folks!

4 clubs are yet to lift silverware, and they'll be looking to do it this year.

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