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Photo/graphic credit: Sheldon Mack
Source: José Escalante in talks to sign with Valour

Source: José Escalante is in talks to sign with Valour.

As first reported by Northern Tribune, the Honduran's loan with Motagua might end sooner than expected. Escalante was rumoured to be returning to the CPL for the 2024 season, but not with Cavalry.

A source has now told us that the club he's holding discussions with is Valour FC.

Cavalry and the CPL have given the "ok" for the move. Escalante will be playing in the 2nd leg of the Honduras final tomorrow against Olimpia in what is likely his last match with the club. After the final, there will be more talks with Valour to finalize the details.

How would Escalante fit at Valour? With left-back Matteo De Brienne departing the Winnipeg side, there's a big chance José fills that role. The Honduran has played in all 3 positions on the left: Winger, wing-back and full-back.

Would Cavalry get a fee? How would the move work?

José is under contract with the Cavs until the end of the 2024 season. We haven't been told if it would be a loan to Valour or a permanent move.

When would this be announced?

Unknown. Valour has been announcing signings & roster moves already, so don't be surprised if this is announced soon should a deal be reached.


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