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Is Club Partnerships The Answer?

Written by NG Kits

With just 8 clubs in their 6th season, the Canadian Premier League is certainly looking to expand in the near future. Multiple cities have been rumoured, a couple have even been awarded expansion rights from the CPL, but only two have actually seen a team take the field. This of course, being Atlético Ottawa who joined in 2020, and Vancouver FC who joined in 2023. Both clubs have turned heads in their first few seasons, but Ottawa in particular holds a uniqueness when compared to the rest of the league.

Atlético Ottawa is partially owned by Spanish giant, Atlético de Madrid. Having this partnership comes with its benefits, and we’ve seen it throughout the infancy of this club. In the 2022 season, Ottawa topped the regular season table and went on to make their first CPL Finals appearance. There, they lost to Forge FC, but put up a great fight.

(Credit: Robert Reyes Ong / 2021 CPL)

After assembling a “CPL Super Team” in this past offseason, Ottawa looks to make their second Finals appearance, and are on track to do so, as they quickly asserted themselves as the ones to beat.

Seeing the fast success of Ottawa brings forth the question: What other clubs could the CPL seek to partner with for expansion? I’ve got 3 that I believe could make a fair shout.

#1 PSG

This has to be at the top of the list. PSG owners Qatar Sports Investments have been rumoured to be interested in the Canadian market. It fits well into the desperate need for a Quebec team, and I think this has to be the next step for the CPL. CS Saint-Laurent made some noise with their Canadian Championship performance this year, and a partnership with PSG would make many dreams a reality. Some potential cities for this could be: Saint-Laurent, Quebec City.

#2 Red Bull

This one comes hand in hand with Jesse Marsch recently taking the role of managing the Canadian Men’s National Team. Over the course of his career, Marsch made his way through the Red Bull system, managing New York, Leipzig, and Salzburg. With Marsch getting his feet wet in Canada, maybe Red Bull has kept their eyes on the former RB gaffer, and the Canadian club option. Some potential cities for this could be: Regina, Edmonton.

#3 Borussia Dortmund

The partnership with BVB comes through Waterloo, Ontario. Dortmund has an International Academy set in Waterloo, and the club currently competes in League1 Ontario. With strong connections already there, perhaps the creation of a professional club is meant to be. With a very talented youth system already in place, a CPL club would be super entertaining. Some potential cities for this could be: Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, London.

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