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Photo/graphic credit: Northern Super League
Northern Super League - World Class?

This has been a massive month for Canadian soccer fans, especially on the women’s side, as Project 8 officially established the new Canadian women’s professional soccer league!

The Northern Super League branding has officially been revealed to all the eager fans who have been waiting. The 6 teams who will play in the inaugural 2025 season are: Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. The name and logo for Calgary was the first to be revealed. They will be known as Calgary Wild FC.



While the league is still in its very beginning stages, there is one thing that I’m very excited for. This league has the potential to be a top women's league in the entire world. Think about it… within 6 years of the Canadian Premier League, we have seen exceptional talent being uncovered from all over the country. We quickly saw players like Joel Waterman and Mo Farsi make the jump to the MLS, and also saw players like Marco Bustos and Easton Ongaro find new home clubs in Europe.

The Canadian Men’s National Team has struggled to breakthrough and become one of the world’s best. Despite astronomical improvement over the past 4 years, Canada still remains ranked 49th in the world. But if you look at the women’s side, they’re ranked 9th. This side won gold at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, and Canada hadn’t even had a women’s league yet!

With many college/university teams across Canada giving women the chance to play at a high level, there is finally a pipeline for them to make the jump to professional play in Canada. Not to mention League1 Canada semi-pro teams as well.

There is so much talent to uncover in this nation and it’s incredibly intriguing to see what could come of this.

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